Friday, 30 November 2012

PSC maths questions


PSC simple maths questions and answers.

  • (-1)000 =? Answer: -1  
  • 10[2+(20-.5)x3]-10=? Answer: 130
  • A train of 100 Meters length is running at a speed of 72 km per hour. What time it take to pass a man standing at the railway track? Answer:5 seconds
  • A man deposits RS.500 in a bank, if he receives Rs.1000 after 8 years, what is the rate of interest? Answer: 12 1/2%
  • Express 30 paise as the  percentage of Rs.6 - Answer:5%
  • As the lions roar, lambs:.............? Answer:Bleat
  • What is the laughing gas? Answer: N2O
  • When did the General Assembly adopt the universal declaration Human Rights? Answer: December
  • In 2005 the world mayors conference was held in? Answer: Delhi
  • Which element is the most abundant in the Solar System? Answer: Hydrogen
  • The scientific study of beauty is called? Answer: Aesthetics
  • The seasonal winds of south Asia is known as .............? Answer: Monsoons
  • International womens day is observed on - Answer : March 8
  • Pick out the incorrect singular - plural group from among the following? (a)Child - Children (b)story - series (c)Mouse - Mice (d)Wolf - wolves Answer: Story - Series
  • The passive voice of "Did you do it is"? Answer: Was it done by you?
  • There is ............hourly bus from here to the capital , Answer: an
  • If the world inspector is coded as 123456789, what is the code of inspection? Answer: 1234567182
  • Who is the wrong member in the following group? (a) Kissy (b)Lissy (c)Dizzy (d)Missy Answer:Dizzy
  • IAS=538, IAS+IFS=1136. what is IAS x IFS? Answer: 321724
  • Find the missing member in the series WXYZ, VWXY...........TUVW  :- Answer: UVMX
  • If X:Y = 5:3 What is (x+y) :(x-y)?  Answer: 4:1
  • Which number will complete the given series: 1,9,19,31,45,.....................?  Answer: 61
  • (1.2)2 + (1.5)2=...............? Answer: 0.369

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