LDC Question Papers

Solved Paper Clerical Attender (Special Recruitment SC/ST) Sales Tax Code - C
DOWNLOAD LDC Model Question and Answers 2012
Download LDC Kasergod SC-ST Exam Solved Paper. Exam done 2/6/2012 Code - B
LDC Model Question 2005
LDC Model Question 2011 March published by Thozhilvartha
Solved Paper LD Clerk (various) Solved paper Alappuzha Exam done during 2005
Solved paper LDC Kottayam -Exam dt. 16/7/2005
LD Compiler/Investigator PSC Question Code No. 216/2008 - (Economics and Statistics)
Solved Paper LDC Kollam exam done on 01/10/2005
Solved Paper LDC -By transfer exam done during Oct - 2005 (14 districts)
Model Question - LDC
Solved Paper LDC exam done on 03/03/2012 Thrissur, Alappuzha, Kottayam Question Code-D
Solved Paper Caretaker Exam on 14/7/2011 Social Welfare Dept. - Question Code A (LDC Syllabus)
LDC Model Questions and Answers (Various Dept)
LDC Model Questions and Answers (Various Dept)
LDC Model Questions and Answers (Various Dept) 2
LDC Model Questions and Answers (Various Dept)
LDC Solved Paper - Transfer From the Lower Category Question Code C
LDC Wayanad 58/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Thrissur 51/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Pathanamthitta 50/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Kozhikode 64/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Kottayam 63/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Idukki 75/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Alappuzha 69/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Ernakulam 57/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Palakkad 83/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Thiruvananthapuram 82/2011 (Various Department)
LDC Kannur 69/2011 (Various Department)
PSC Question Code. 259/2006
PSC Question Code. 328/2005
PSC Question Code. 229/2005
PSC Question Code No. 237/06
PSC Question Code: 239/2007